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Camila Hein lived as a child in a city in the northwest of the state of RS, originally part of Atlantic Forest, when she was a little girl with her father and brother used to fish and camping in this biome, and at the home of friends who lived in the countryside, an experience that would hold deep in your being. He has a background in visual arts and for years he has taught art workshops for different age groups, he has also dedicated himself to photography and the search for a life closer to nature through mainly food. Today he lives in the city of Maquiné / RS, a place he chose because he has the possibility of living close to the forest, he is the guardian of a piece of Atlantic Forest and is dedicated to the production of art focused on environmental activism, through actions aimed at our being in the world. It is also dedicated to workshops on art, aesthetics, photography and plant-based food.


Lúcio Canabarro was born in Santo Ângelo, an red earth city in the northwest of the state of RS in 1980. Books, nature and movement have always caught his attention. As a formal instruction, he is an agricultural technician from the Federal Farroupilha Institute (1998) and graduated in Physical Education from the Federal University of Pelotas (2004). It uses writing and photography as tools to investigate the interrelationships between environment, perception and identity.

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