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what is Aterra

Aterra is a place / idea in which art, environment and activism mix and dialogue. As physical space it is located in the parallel 29 S, city of Maquiné, Brazil. A region that conserves the remainder of the Atlantic Forest in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, considered by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, a biome considered one of the most biodiverse and threatened on the planet. As an idea, it is a propositional movement in which art, activism and the environment act synergistically and assist in a global movement of changing perception. The definition of the space as “Aterra” arose from the informality with which the area was originally designated. In the search for a name, it was noticed that the word land is also a verb in portuguese, an action word, conjugated in the imperative, something that refers to the soil, care, corporeality, the fertile, feminine, the environment that surrounds and nourishes us. An attitude linked to reconnection and also protection, two guiding aspects of this place / idea of the world.


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