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How much urine do we produce per day?

How much urine do we produce per day? A simple question, but probably few people would know how to answer for sure. What is the composition, how does it degrade, what impact does it have on water sources? How much electricity is needed to activate pumps that feed toilets and move this urine to treatment centers? How do we create a society in which something so routine is never even looked at? What impacts reallocating urine and changing our relationship with what we understand as waste can have in a severe climate change scenario like the current scenario?


rescue supper

Aesthetic and political intervention

New Year's Eve are moments rich in celebrations, rituals and symbolic gestures. A moment when the perception of the passage of time seems to be more noticeable, when it is established that something has passed and a new period is about to begin. At the celebration of the beginning of 2019, on the coast of Lagoa dos Patos, in a city in southern Brazil, Pelotas, Camila Hein and Lúcio Canabarro carried out an urban artistic intervention called Ceia do Resgate. An aesthetic and political action that sought to raise issues such as food waste, disconnection, knowledge of the city and the urgency of new behaviors.

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